Thursday, 16 January 2014

The one for Lisa....

I have a friend who has been at me to write a blog post for a couple of weeks, so here it is Lisa - you are welcome.

My little corner of the internets has been neglected for the last 6 months or so. Firstly, because I was busy, then because I didn't really feel like writing and now because I have lots of words in my head but I don't think they deserve to be written.

Writing things down gives them a power of sorts and I don't think my emotions deserve power at the moment. Actually, it's not a matter of thinking they don't, I know they don't. I've been doing not so great on the mental health front lately, teetering is the word I use. I've been teetering on the edge of a downwards slide for a couple of months. I wish it was something that I could just tell to go away but unfortunately it’s not that simple.

“In the same way that one has to accept the weather, so one has to accept
how one feels about life sometimes. "Today's a crap day," is a perfectly
realistic approach. It's all about finding a kind of mental umbrella. "Hey-ho,
it's raining inside: it isn't my fault and there's nothing I can do about it, but
sit it out. But the sun may well come out tomorrow and when it does, I shall
take full advantage."

So not writing about my feelings is my umbrella, because my feelings don’t need to be validated, not today. When I get too introspective, when I let the things that I cannot control get the better of me, it’s like walking around in the rain and while that might be alright for a while eventually it will make you sick.  So instead I’m choosing to take my umbrella.
So they you go Lisa my lovely - something to read from me to you xoxo

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday Tunes

My husband has this knack for finding the perfect music for a setting and he came up with Audrey Assad for our coffee night at church last Friday night.

This song popped up on my mix on the way to work this morning and it really hit me exactly where I'm at so I thought I'd share.  Enjoy.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Good Reads

So you may have noticed some changes around here.  I'm currently undertaking some blog renovations, so you'll have to bare with me while those go on.

I have a general plan for a slightly new direction for this little place and ask that you stick with me while I figure it out.

In the meantime, check out these fantastic posts from around about the place this week.

This post from Joy the Baker is gold - respect the comma!

This simple tribute from Meg at the Wild and Wiley ways of a Brunette Bombshell is one of the best I've read this week.

These words of wisdom from my little sister made me giggle.

And this post from Melody at Dance Parties in the Rain came at just the right time for me.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ohi! It's been a little while...

It's been a little quiet over here lately - I know!

I was all keen to get back into blogging after the show was finished and promptly got a nasty stomach bug that had me throwing up every hour (wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy).  Once I got better I still wasn't blogging. 

I started this little blog in the hopes to get some colour back in my life.  If you're at all interested the last Colouration Project update I did is here and this is how far I've come:-

  • With the exception of the crazy month known as the lead up to the play, Nat and I have been spending more time together doing things.  We have made it our current mission to develop some new friendships and have more lunch dates out.  So far, so good.
  • I have lost almost 10kg since the beginning of the year and while I still have a ways to go I'm definitely feeling healthier and happier.
  • Ballet unfortunately went by the wayside in preparation for the show but I'm hoping to pick that up again next week after a few other things that are currently in the pipeline are out of the way.

  1. This blog has definitely been an excellent way for me to remove the focus from the grey things in my life. 

I feel like I can call this little project a success.  I can without reservation say that at the moment I am the happiest and healthiest I have felt mentally for a long time.

So where do we go from here, honestly I'm not sure.  I have some thoughts and I don't really want to give my little corner of the internet away, I like it here and I like you guys too.

So leave it with me.  It may have to wait a little while (so please forgive the cobwebs) but I will be back, eventually.

As usual all images via pinterest.

Monday, 12 August 2013

It's Over...

Our local performing arts production is over for another year.  I'm glad but I will also miss hanging out with the cast.
We ended the show with a bang on Saturday night, followed up by a few drinks at the hall and then we headed out to dance until the early hours of Sunday morning.  On Sunday morning after not a great deal of sleep we emptied the hall and then a small group of us headed down to a local coffee shop and drank coffee and debriefed for a good couple of hours.
Closing night is always my favourite.  Everybody really lets loose on stage and newly forged friendships are cemented.  There is nothing like amateur theatre for bringing together a group of people from all walks of life that wouldn't normally have anything to do with each other.
Performing arts is responsible for introducing me to some of the best friendships I've experienced as an adult and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Cheers RPA thanks for the memories.
Hopefully we'll get back to some regularly posting now I have my life back!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The sun for sorrow will not show it's head...

Learning Shakespeare is hard.
Learning Shakespeare from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is hard.
Learning Shakespeare from the Complete Works of William Shakespeare when you have to swap parts and play the opposite part from the one you played before is doing my head in.
That is all.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Plotozotian from the planet Plotozotia

I have three sisters. 
Most sisters would try and convince their little sister that she was adopted.  Not us.  We told ours that she was an alien.  A Plotozotian from the planet Plotozotia to be exact.  She had crash landed on our roof and we had stolen her flying boots so she couldn't get home.
Mum and Dad had decided to keep her.
We were mean.  In all seriousness though - I totally blame my older sister and if anyone asks it was all her idea and I egged her on in no way whatsoever.
I was the Maid of Honour at my little sisters wedding so of course I was obliged to give a speech and tell all the stories. This of course included the story of the Plotozotian.
And then we gave her back her flying boots. 
I wish I had taken a picture of those darn flying boots - they were pretty.  Imagine something like this with added glitter and wings.

My husband found this on Pinterest and it reminded me of that story again.


So this is for you Robyn - proof we aren't the only cruel sisters.

Some of you may know our little Plotozotian she blogs over at Slightly More Depth than a Teaspoon.

Linking up with Jess today because it's totally Tuesday again already and how in the world did that happen?

PS - If things are a little cricket chirping quiet around here for the next couple of weeks - apologies in advance.  Our little performing arts society is gearing up for a show in about 3 weeks, so my free time has become pretty much non-existent.

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